Why Using A Moving Company is Better than Hiring Craigslist Movers

Remember the last time you moved? It takes a lot of time and energy to pack furniture and boxes, load them, transport them, and unload them. Doing this on your own is extremely tough, so it makes sense to hire a group or company to help you with the transition.

While it is tempting to hire the cheapest labor possible, do not do this. Inexperienced or uninsured movers may harm or ruin your property and won’t be able to repair or replace your belongings because they are not backed up by the qualifications movers should have.

Consider this your warning about Craigslist movers and any movers who do not work for a qualified moving company. More and more frequently, those relocating are reporting that their goods were damaged in transport or mishandled when unloaded because the movers were not experienced, or licensed for that matter.

Mid-West Moving & Storage hopes you heed this warning. Craigslist movers pose a risk to you and your belongings. Get a moving company that has security and liability coverage and a history of solid customer reviews. Here are some features you get from certified, professional movers as opposed to Craigslist movers.

• Expertise correctly loading boxes and furniture
• Knowledge on how to safely unload furniture
• Access to specialized materials such as packing tape, bubble wrap, drop cloths, etc.
• Recommendations on appropriate moving truck
• Years of experience

If you are planning a move in the Chicago area, remember this warning: Craigslist movers will not save you money. Once you figure in what you’ll have to pay for repairs and damages, you will end up spending the money you thought you saved. Get a respected, experienced moving company that has the right equipment and manpower for the job.

Be smart and listen to our warning. Craigslist movers do not have the 30 years of experience nor the capacities and resources we do. Get the job done right, contact Mid-West Moving & Storage for more moving tips or for a pricing estimate on our moving services.