Are you looking for some excellent moving tips before the big day? Midwest Moving has some great moving tips for you to consider as you pack up your belongings for the new place.

Remember to check the attic. Many folks forget that they have things stored in the attic or overhead storage area, and these things end up being left behind. Don’t leave valuable heirlooms or keepsakes for the next person to find—double check to make sure you’ve got everything! Bring them down to be packed up, so your movers can load them for you. Make sure your mover sees this during the walk thru, this is a key factor in the price going over. Better yet, plan to have your mover come the day before the move to help you pull these items down.

Take everything down. For movers to pack and ship items from the walls and ceiling, it is up to you to take them down. If you are taking light fixtures, ceiling fans or drapery rods with you when you move, take them down from the wall or ceiling to signal your intent to the movers. The same goes for paintings and portraits! This makes the process much faster and easier for everyone involved, ensuring your move goes smoothly. Remember to put the hardware in a Ziploc bag and tape it to the item.

Keep ’em clean. Most movers will require that refrigerators and freezers be emptied and defrosted before loading day. This is because movers cannot transport frozen or perishable foods. To save time, make sure your fridge is cleaned out before moving day arrives. It is also important to keep trash cans and barbeque grills clean, so be sure to wash them out! Disconnect and drain your ice maker as this can cause damage to your possessions during transport. Remember to donate your non-perishable food items to Move for Hunger, Midwest will pick up & deliver free the day of the move.

Prepare in advance. One of the best moving tips is to prepare as much as you can before the actual day of the move. This includes change of address forms for the Post Office, so all your mail and subscriptions are forwarded. It also includes notifying your insurance company and utility companies so they know your last day of residence. If you have children, their records need to be forwarded as well. Discuss your insurance coverage for cargo liability, movers do not cover the replacement value of your possessions by law, you must pay for additional coverage.

If you have any questions, we’re happy to help! Give Midwest Moving a call for more helpful moving tips. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about making your move quick and easy.