When your company is making a big move, you don’t want to trust just anyone with your belongings. But how can you narrow down all professional movers in your area?

Look at each company’s credentials.

Our movers at Mid-West Moving & Storage Inc. have been prepared for any commercial move with certification from the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI). With this training, we can more accurately estimate man-hours, volume, logistics, and the overall cost to our customers thus reducing relocation downtime.

What Is an IOMI Certified Mover?

A mover trained by IOMI can use a precise formula in order to give you, the client, a more accurate estimate. We calculate how many trucks will be used, how long the move will take, and how many man hours will be necessary. We’ll also consider volume and logistics. All of these factors result in an on-time move that won’t go over budget.

IOMI movers will:

Manage your project so you will be 100 percent ready to move when the crews arrive. Training improves such skills as identifying the client’s needs to determine the scope of service; identifying tasks and assignments; minimizing the risk of damage to property (furniture, computers, walls, carpets, doors, etc.); and coordinating vendor services to enable a smooth move with few to no conflicts or interference.

Load furniture onto the van using an easy and efficient method known as “floating.” This method keeps the furniture on the dolly and on the floor in moving van.

Move furniture, computers, and other items without damaging them. These workers have been trained in the best-practice methods of moving, and as a result, IOMI movers experience a reduced number of Workers’ Compensation injuries over traditional moving companies. They are also trained in the areas of customer service and professionalism while on the job.

At Mid-West Moving & Storage, our certified IOMI movers are ready to get you moved quickly, minimizing downtime and offering excellent service that is quick and efficient. We know you want to get back to work, and we have the training to make it happen. Contact us today.