Moving Out Soon? 4 Tips to Find Rental Housing in a Tight Housing Market -

Moving Out Soon? 4 Tips to Find Rental Housing in a Tight Housing Market

Do you believe your home will sell fast once you place it on the market? Or, are you renting now and plan to continue renting in a city where available, affordable housing is scarce?

If either of these scenarios describes your housing situation, you should develop a firm plan to find a new home. Take steps now to research and find suitable options before you’re out of a home altogether. The following four tips will help you get started so you can determine the best course of action. Continue reading

Why is it that we can offer you Peace Of Mind?

Midwest Moving and Storage services commercial, residential, local, long distance and international for relocation and storage.  We are your team of trusted and friendly relocation experts. We are focused on providing a timely service that meets or exceeds your expectations. Our professional service providers pay special attention to the details, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Let’s touch on a few of the key words I just outlined above.

Trusted: We work hard at our reputation.  We make sure all of our movers and drivers are background checked, uniformed and experienced.  We hold all the certifications you should be asking about when you hire a trusted moving company.  We are a certified American Moving and Storage Association Pro mover among other licenses and certifications.

Friendly: Our office teams, operations, drivers and movers have longevity with the company, bringing with them a sense of enjoyment and pride in their jobs.  The executive team have been leaders in the industry for 40 plus years each.  Their passion shines through in their dedication to help all who we serve.

Timely: We use follow up and total customer satisfaction processes to keep our clients always informed on their moves.  We offer move planning, implement that and stick to it. Keeping in constant communication keeps us efficient and better able to serve in a timely manner. Timeliness is one of the most important things that clients look for in a mover. Not to mention for commercial moving, we can offer zero down time to your company.

Professional: We are not going to be the cheapest quote you get, but we will guarantee to be the best decision you make.  Quick story: I had a high-profile contact who tried to schedule a move with two days advance notice, during peak moving season.  We wanted to help her and it would have looked good if we could have helped her!  But we could not; Not in good professional faith could we make that happen for her and do the job at our expected high level of expertise.  Ultimately, we had to turn her down, and we did that in order keep integrity for our professional work ethic.   We didn’t just want to squeeze her into the schedule and not do the best job possible.

Peace of Mind: Since we have Trust, friendliness, timeliness, professionalism, and more… we now own the ability to offer our clients Peace of Mind.

We take the stress out of moving.


Call us for all your relocation needs. 1-888-722-6683

Red Flags for Rogue Movers

Look and Listen for red flags that something may not be right with the company you have chosen to move your precious belongings.  Rogue movers typically have similar identifiable red flags you can watch for.  The story goes something like this: Without ever visiting your home or seeing the goods you want moved, they give a low estimate over the telephone or Internet. Once your goods are on their truck, they demand more money before they will deliver or unload them. They hold your goods hostage and force you to pay more, sometimes A LOT more.  You also have a very high chance of stolen and or damaged property because these companies are not experienced, certified, or trained properly.

Some things to watch for:

  • The mover doesn’t offer or agree to an in-home visit/survey.
  • No physical address or phone number online, just a “Contact Us” feature.
  • No paperwork or incomplete paperwork sent for confirmation.
  • The paperwork has a different company name on it, then the one you contracted with.
  • You’re quoted a very low price that seems too good to be true.
  • They demand cash and or a large deposit before the move.
  • They tell you they will determine a price after loading your items- this may indicate they will overcharge and hold your items for ransom.
  • No federal motor carrier (MC) number is shown; or if there is an MC number, it doesn’t match with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) website.
  • Very little to no web presence such as website, social media, review sites, and BBB.
  • When you call the company they consistently do not answer.
  • Or when you call the company they answer the phone with a generic “Movers” or “Moving Company” versus a real name.

The best defense against Rogue Movers is to make sure you check them out thoroughly before hiring and to recognize they might not be legit before they have your personal and precious items.

About Midwest Moving and Storage, Inc.

Midwest Moving and Storage, located in Elk Grove Village, IL., was founded in 1983 by Luis A. Toledo. For over thirty-four years we have been setting the highest standards in the moving industry and we are committed to continue with these priorities. Midwest Moving and Storage is your team of trusted and friendly relocation experts. We are focused on providing a timely service that meets or exceeds your expectations. Our professional service providers pay special attention to the details, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Midwest is a certified ProMover, has an A+ rating with the BBB, employs uniformed and background checked movers and drivers, and holds all certifications necessary to run a professional moving and storage company for the past 34 years. Don’t hesitate to call us for any residential or commercial moving needs.  1-888-722-6683

Ready to Move? Declutter First

Even though the average American has approximately three times as much space as 50 years ago, we still don’t seem to have enough room. Instead, we just fill our space with even more stuff, then send the rest of our possessions to a storage unit, which we then have to pay for.

If you’re getting ready to move and want to pare down your possessions, you’re making the right choice. Here’s why and how to go about it.

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Moving Company Reviews and You

Reviews have become a part of everyday life for many people. Many of these reviews deal with the hospitality industry, from cafes to hotel resorts. However, reviews are important for both the business discussed and customers who use these reviews to make purchasing decisions.

Few industries rely as heavily on reviews and similar sources of word-of-mouth recommendations as the moving industry. In this blog, we discuss why you should read reviews when choosing a mover, why you should leave a review after working with a mover and how to write more effective reviews for moving companies.
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Taking it all with us when we move

You are moving… but who wants to pack and bring it all with?

Midwest Moving and Storage, Inc., partners with Move for Hunger, a non-profit fighting hunger one move at a time.  Who thought that when you made a decision to move, you could also help fight hunger in the process?

The mission is simple: By teaming up with Midwest Moving and Storage, Inc., alongside other moving companies, Move For Hunger is creating one of the nation’s largest year-round service programs.  Our movers offer to pick up the unwanted, non-perishable food items from those who are moving and deliver it to their local food banks.

How it is done: Our moving team will inquire if you have any unopened, non-perishable food items you would like to donate.  #MWMandS will provide specially marked boxes for these items, bring them back to our office, and ultimately donate them to our local food pantry.  It is that easy.

Midwest Moving and Storage, Inc., has fed over 5000 people through this program.  We will be hosting a food drive in September 2017.  Please watch for more information on this and feel free to contact us if you’d like to be involved or have food to donate.  We have a running donation box in our office at all times.

Updating Your Life

Once you have made the decisions on where to move, the house to buy and the new life you’ll be taking on, an overwhelming feeling comes to mind.  Do I move myself, use a professional moving company, what do I keep, how do I organize and how am I going to get all this done, to name a few? How will you get all these accounts, utilities, mail, and businesses notified of the change of address? We have the solution to this and we provide it to all of our move clients. Please read on to learn more!

Our first suggestion is to always use a professional moving company.  When you choose to use Midwest Moving and Storage, Inc., you get the professionality you should expect when someone is handling your personal belongings.  In addition to the many benefits of working with #MWMandS, we also offer a great updating service for FREE that you will LOVE us for.

Upon booking a move with us, you will receive an email to help you take on many of the tasks associated with moving.  This service provided by #MWMandS through @Updater will save you an average of 5+ hours, 16 account updates, 21 emails and phone calls plus more.

Updater provides a way to seamlessly transfer and connect utilities and home services, forward your mail with USPS and notify many of your businesses and accounts of your new address.  Such businesses include magazine subscriptions, credit card companies, doctor offices and more.

In addition, you will receive special moving- related discounts and an awesome portal to send digital announcements to friends and family so everyone can find your new home.  This is an exclusive and free offering we here at Midwest Moving and Storage, Inc. are proud and happy to offer to all of our move clients.  Happy Moving!

5 Tips to Help You Pack Up The Kitchen and Keep Your Cool

Without planning and organization, packing up the kitchen for a relocation is a daunting task. Follow the five tips below, and you’ll find the job of transferring your kitchen items becomes a far easier process.

When Possible, Make a Four-Week Schedule

It’s not always possible to give yourself four weeks to achieve the goal of moving your kitchen, but it’s a good idea if you do have the luxury of time on your side. When you’re able to devote ample time to the job of moving your food and cooking supplies, it’s easier to continue cooking for your household. You aren’t rushed for time and about to lose your cool as the moving date approaches. Continue reading

What You Need to Know About Getting Your Aquarium Fish Ready to Move

When it comes to moving, most things can be packed and loaded onto a truck. However, if you own an aquarium, you probably already know your fish will require special care for the move.

Transporting live fish isn’t particularly hard, but it does demand advance preparation to prevent high stress levels from causing illness and death among the fish.

Below is a guide to successfully preparing your fish for a move.

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6 Essential Organization Tools for Moving

Woman packing up boxes
For some homeowners, moving can be a nightmare of disorganization. Your entire home system can become shifted as soon as you start packing boxes. Loading, unloading, and storing containers can lead to mix-ups. And unpacking can cause even more disorganization than packing itself.

It’s obvious that a more organized move produces less stress and lower risk of items becoming lost or damaged. The real question is how can you truly organize your move?

In this blog, we list six tools that are essential when you want to move in a more orderly way. Continue reading