Building Security


Building Security Services in Chicago, IL for Your Move

Building-Security-ServicesKeeping with our specialty at protecting your buildings, assets and company secrets, Midwest Move Counselors tour your building and walk the path of entering and exiting your building during a move, identifying risk opportunities and  key points of potential damage of the building.

The MMS Building Protection Evaluation Service (BPES)

Areas of Inspection & Focus

  1. Floor Protection – carpets, hard wood floors – computer flooring
  2. Wall Protection – executive offices, conference rooms, computer rooms, display areas
  3. Elevator wall & door protection.- room for your biggest items? Service elevator availability?
  4. Plant & Art Protection – What makes your office special – Green Plants – Fine Art
  5. Computers, scanners, copiers, servers – specialty data equipment – insuring a safe secure shut down, move and start up. Tips to minimize downtime
  6. Building Security – Loading docks, access doors, weekend security.  Insights into limiting access, insuring your company secrets

Cataloging and photographing each point and providing a written recommendation of the best practice building protection for each protection point.

Midwest has a number of partners who can help.