BOMA Chicago/Suburban


Midwest Moving supports BOMA Chicago and BOMA Suburban Chicago.

We are actively involved in the Safety & Security Committee. The Mission of the BOMA/Suburban Chicago Safety & Security Committee is to support the Association by investigating and implementing policies and procedures that pertain to safety and security for the membership and surrounding community.

We have developed our Building Protection Evaluation Service (BPES)  to help building managers minimize risk during relocation.

Areas of Inspection & Focus of BPES

  1. Floor Protection
  2. Wall Protection
  3. Elevator wall & door protection.
  4. Plant & Art Protection
  5. Computers, scanners, copiers, servers
  6. Building Security

Midwest Relocation Experts tour your building and walk the path of entering and exiting your building during a move, identifying key points of potential damage of the building. Cataloging and photographing each point and providing a written recommendation of the best practice building protection for each protection point.

A complete BPES can take up to a complete day. Discounts are available to BOMA members.