MMS – Solution Process


IOMI®Training insures a delightful move experience

Minimizing the risk of damage to walls, floors, doors and elevators during your move.We have learned the best practice methods for installing extensive building protection.

• Minimizing the risk of damage to furniture and computers during your move.deploy  the best-practice methods for wrapping with two layers of anti-static bubble wrap (with the bubbles facing the bubbles) instead of pad-wrapping your furnishings with filthy furniture pads.

• Timing is of the essence on your move. If your mover doesn’t finish the job on time, it can impact both your financial and emotional pocket book. IOMI® Certified Office Movers® and Certified Project Managers® learn an estimating formula that’s based upon man-hours instead of the unreliable method typically used on household moves that’s based on weight.

The IOMI® proprietary estimating formula is uncannily accurate because it factors in not only volume but the unique logistics of both the building you’re moving from and to.

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