Laboratory Science


Specialized Laboratory Relocation in Chicago, IL

Moving instrumentation is a complex process that requires careful planning and execution Laboratory-Relocationto ensure that your equipment and precious samples arrive at their destination safely, so that your operation becomes productive as quickly as possible.

Relocation requires careful and documented steps that cover all operational details in a manner that ensures intellectual property and focuses on maximum uptime at both ends of the process. Deploying a laboratory relocation specialist to assume end-to-end responsibility will ease the burden and minimize disruption to your science.

Midwest Moving is an experienced instrument and scientific sample relocation specialist.  We are one of only two movers nationwide who are both IOMI® Homeland Security Certified and an IOMI® Lab Mover.  We have:

  • Performed over 1000 lab moves in the last 6 years
  • A dedicated team of over 20 move specialists
  • Special training on the IOMI® Office Relocation Process
  • Special partner suppliers /subcontractors
    • Electricians, Riggers, Carpenters
    • Plumbers / Pipefitters
    • Transportation Experts – heavy equipment, power, refrigeration
    • Hazmat packaging – Custom Crating
  • Specialized moving tools
    • Hydraulic lifts for laser tables
    • Hydraulic flat carts for moving special instruments from lab tops
    • Ramps for moving heavy equipment
  • Special equipment designed for critical instrumentation
    • PPE (gloves, eye protection, face protection, clothing)
    • 3 types of lift gate trucks used (e.g. rail lift gate and tuck under gate)
    • Plastic crates
    • Spider cranes
    • Space gobblers
  • Special training (supervisors and employees)
    • First aid (wash stations, accidental spills)
    • Fire hazards
    • Lab equipment storage

WE ARE GREEN By using recycled content packaging and an 8-step industry best practices process, we reduce office moving waste and energy costs by up to 30%.

We have moved Northwestern University, Alcatel Lucent, University of Chicago, Lake Forest College, and more.

Mid-West Moving & Storage is a multilingual 8(a) strategic supplier for Federal Agencies in the continental United States (CONUS).