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When you’re packing to move to a new home, it can be a stressful situation because of the amount of things you need to get done. The situation can become even more stressful when you need to worry about packing all of your belongings. Packing glassware, in particular, is a tricky task because of how fragile such items are.

If you’ve decided to pack your content yourself, then you need to be especially cautious about how you pack your glassware. Check out the following tips on how to pack glassware for your next move:

Materials Needed for Packing Glasses

Before you start packing your glasses, it’s important to gather all the necessary materials. Here’s a list of items you’ll need:

  1. Sturdy boxes: Choose boxes specifically designed for packing fragile items. Make sure they are in good condition and can withstand the weight of the glasses.
  1. Packing paper or bubble wrap: This will be used to wrap each individual glass for extra protection. Opt for plain packing paper or bubble wrap without any writing or printing on it.
  1. Packing tape: Use strong packing tape to secure the boxes and keep them sealed during transportation.
  1. Marker: Having a marker on hand will help you label the boxes properly and identify their contents easily.

Steps to Safely Packing Glassware

1. Organize Glassware

When you’re unpacking after a move, it can be a hectic process. But you can make unpacking easier by organizing everything before it’s even packed. That way, finding and identifying certain items in your new home will be simple. If you don’t organize your belongings, then you’ll waste time trying to find and organize things after the move.

Before you pack your items away, sort out what glassware you no longer want or need, and keep the same glasses and collections together.

2. Get Proper Packing Supplies

Prior to packing away your glassware, you’ll want to make sure you have more than enough packing supplies to ensure everything is packed properly and has enough padding to protect items from shifting and breaking during the move. Among the items you will need are boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, and packing tape.

For packing glassware, the best boxes to use are dish boxes: boxes with thicker sides and sturdier cardboard than normal. With thicker cardboard, there’s more protection for your glassware. However, if you don’t want to get special dish boxes, standard cardboard boxes will work just fine with thorough padding and protection.

Each item should be wrapped with soft packing paper, which will act as the primary layer of protection. Do not use newspaper to wrap your glassware because it can leave ink stains on the items. You can, however, use newspapers to fill extra space in the box and as padding after items have been packed.

Bubble wrap will act as the secondary protective layer for your glassware.

Getting quality packing tape is important, because it keeps the boxes sealed, which prevents the glassware from becoming unwrapped.

3. Set Up and Reinforce Boxes

Whether the boxes you’re using are new or used, it is important to reinforce the bottoms of the boxes with packing tape. But this is especially important for used boxes, because they may not be as sturdy as brand new boxes. By reinforcing the boxes, you will limit the potential for the boxes to break.

4. Pad the Boxes

Crumple up sheets of newspaper for the bottom of the box to serve as padding for the glassware. This padding will absorb vibrations or shocks from transportation, preventing glass from breaking. If you have enough of it, you can also use layers of bubble wrap to pad the bottom of the box.

5. Wrap the Glassware

Get a stack of soft packing paper, and put the glassware in the middle it. Then, grab two sheets from one of the top corners, and place the paper inside of the glass. Do the same for the other top corner. Next, take the bottom corners, and wrap the rest of glass.

Once the glass is completely wrapped, tape the paper down to keep it wrapped during transportation.

You can also use bubble wrap for extra protection. To do this with stemware, wrap the stem with bubble wrap, and tape it down. Then wrap the entire glass in bubble wrap, and tape the bubble wrap to keep it in place.

6. Pack the Box

Before you start packing the box, make sure that the bottom is padded well. When it is, arrange the glassware in the box tightly together, making it so there’s minimal space between each item. If you’re putting a second layer of glassware in the box, put sheets of bubble wrap between the layers for extra protection.

Fill any empty space in the box with packing paper, newspaper, or bubble wrap. The addition of extra padding will limit the ability for any content in the box to move or shift during transportation.

7. Do the Shake Test

Prior to taping the box shut, you should check whether the box has enough padding. Lift the box off the ground a bit, and gently shake it to get a sense of whether there is enough padding or if more is needed.

8. Close and Label the Box

Once you have sufficiently packed and padded the box with glassware, close it, but make sure it can be comfortably closed without putting too much pressure on its contents. Then seal it with packing tape.

When the box is closed, label the box of its contents on two sides. Also label the box as “fragile” and/or with “handle with care.” It is recommended that, when labeling the box of its fragility, use a color that stands out, so the words are easy to spot.

If you are packing your stuff yourself for a move, be sure to follow the aforementioned tips to ensure the safety of your glassware. The last thing you want to do when you move into a new place is stress over broken items and replace them. With professional moving services, you can be eased of the stress that comes with preparing for a move.

Woman hands pack up breakable fragile glassware and wrap into wrapping bubble plastic in preparation to move to new home.

Tips for Packing Different Types of Glasses

Wine Glasses

When packing wine glasses, it’s crucial to take extra precautions to ensure they don’t break during transit. Start by wrapping each glass individually with packing paper or bubble wrap. Make sure to fill any empty spaces inside the glass with more paper or bubble wrap to prevent movement. Place the wrapped glasses vertically in the box, with the stems facing downwards. Fill any gaps in the box with extra packing material to ensure a snug fit.

Drinking Glasses

To pack drinking glasses, follow a similar process as with wine glasses. Begin by wrapping each glass individually with packing paper or bubble wrap. Place them vertically in the box, ensuring that they are packed tightly together to prevent shifting. Use additional packing material to fill any gaps and reinforce the box. It may be helpful to mention the number of glasses packed inside the box to ensure you can easily keep track of them during the move.

Shot Glasses

When it comes to packing shot glasses, the key is to provide sufficient padding and support to prevent any damage. Start by wrapping each glass individually with packing paper or bubble wrap, paying extra attention to the delicate edges. Place them upright in the box, ensuring they are snug and cannot move. Fill any empty spaces with crumpled paper or bubble wrap to keep the glasses secure.

Glass Plates

Glass plates require a slightly different approach when packing. Begin by stacking the plates together, separating each one with a layer of packing paper or bubble wrap. For added protection, you can place a foam plate or cardboard divider in between the plates. Once stacked, wrap the entire bundle with more packing paper or bubble wrap. Place the plates vertically in the box, with the heaviest ones at the bottom. Fill any empty spaces with cushioning material, ensuring a tight fit.

Glass Lids

Glass lids can be delicate and prone to breaking during a move, so proper packing is crucial. Start by wrapping each lid individually with packing paper or bubble wrap, making sure to cover all edges and corners. Place them flat in the box, layering with padding material such as bubble wrap or foam sheets to provide extra support. Fill any remaining gaps in the box with cushioning material to prevent movement.

Work with a Professional Mover

The professional movers at Mid-West Moving & Storage are trained, licensed, and bonded to provide full residential moving services. We will pack, transport, and unpack your belongings and can even provide storage if necessary, transporting your belongings in a safe manner.

We can also provide a number of specialty services, including furniture installation and assembly, crating, record storage, and more. Whatever you need moved, we can do it.

For a free estimate on your next move, give us a call at 847.593.7201 or fill out a contact form and we will get back to you right away!

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