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As with any life transition, moving is exciting, but can be incredibly stressful leading up to the big day. The idea of a new town, neighbors, experiences, and even job can be scary, not to mention the checklist of tasks to get done before each deadline.

Packing can also seem like forever, especially if you have a bigger house. You may not realize how much stuff you have it until you have to move. The closet is no exception. Shoes, clothes, jewelry, and other accessories can spill onto the floor just by opening the door.

To make things more difficult, these can be some of the most awkward items to pack and take the most time with unhanging, folding, refolding, etc. But here are some key strategies you can use to accelerate the packing process so you can move forward quicker with the move.

Here are 5 tips for packing up your closet:

1. Organize, Declutter, and Clean Everything

Before packing anything, you want to make sure that everything you’re packing is clean and free of stains. Make sure to wash all of your clothes and allow them to dry completely before hanging or folding them again.

It can be tempting to pack clothing that’s stained or damaged, but this is actually a great opportunity to downsize and get rid of the items you no longer use and even save on your moving costs.

Here are some additional packing and organization tips:

  • Keep all of the like items together and match them with packing box that fits the size of the pile.
  • Throw away or donate any clothing you haven’t used in the past 2 years to avoid packing more than you use.
  • Separate and pack off-season clothing first.
  • Organize all clothing by season and family member.

2. Create a “Moving Week” Box of Clothing

Before starting the packing process, pick a box, dufflebag, or suitcase for each family member and fill it with items you will need for moving week. During long moving processes, unpacking everything can take weeks and even months to finish.

So you can prepare yourself by packing clothing you can wear during the week of moving. Minimum, these items should include underwear, socks, and pajamas.

3. Separate Clothes and ShoesWoman-Packing-Shoes

Packing shoes and clothes in the same bag or box is nothing but a bad idea. Shoes are dirty and smell, they’re shoes. When they rub against your clothes, everything will smell like old sweat, giving you the extra chore of washing everything after you move.

If you still have your old shoe boxes they came in, place each pair neatly in its own box and place them all in a giant box. But if you’re like the majority of people who do throw out the boxes, simply opt for placing them all in the giant box. If any shoes have fragile fabric or are made with specialty material or just have dirt on them, wrap them in plastic grocery bags to keep them protected or dirtying other shoes.

4. Use Storage Bags

Never forget to use storage bags. As strange and corny as it is to stuff clothes in a plastic bags and vacuum the air out of it, it’s the smartest idea when you need to save space.

Storage bags are also waterproof, keeping your clothes clean and protected. If you also have a lot of accessories like gloves, hats, and scarves, they can also be shrunk down to fit in smaller boxes.

5. Use Your Suitcases

Another great advantage of having so many suitcases is using them as moving boxes. Instead of treating them like another item to pack, use them as packing containers. It’s also convenient that they happen to have the rollers to make them ideal for pulling along instead of carrying the full weight of your belongings.

One key strategy is to pack the bottom with books and other heavy items so you can save yourself the effort of hauling heavy items to your new home.

6. Wrap Dresser Drawers

Dressers are one of the most difficult items to move because of their weight. Of course you’ll need to take out the drawers which will take up even more space when packed separately. But that doesn’t mean they should be left empty.

Instead of taking everything out of the drawers and packing boxes, you can wrap the entire drawer in plastic wrap. Take off the knobs to keep them safe. You can also use the Press ‘n’ Seal brand of plastic wrap to keep items from slipping through the cracks and top of the drawers.

When wrapping, start by wrapping the long side and then by width to add double protection. Then you can treat the drawers just like individual boxes!

7. Pack Clothes on Their Hangers

Taking everything off hangers, folding, packing, and rehanging them at your new place takes way too long. Instead of moving everything around, you can stick the clothes on their hangers into plastic trash bags, fitting as many as you can into a single bag.

Start by separating a handful of clothing from the rest and leaving it on the bar. Then slip the garbage bag over the bottom of the clothes, making a double knot at the hook of the hanger. If your move is a long process, wrap each garbage bag together with masking tape for additional security.

Get Professional Packing ServicesPacking-Services-Mid-West-Moving-&-Storage

Guaranteed, there can be some awkward items in the closet to pack for your next move. But this is just the closet; there are plenty of other items that need to go to the new location other than the closet. For long moving processes, packing up everything can feel like forever.

Need some help? Mid-West Moving & Storage offers full packing services along with moving, to accelerate the process and give you a breathe of fresh air during the stress and craziness of relocating. Our movers have years of experience in the moving industry, carefully packing each box to prevent damage or dirtying items so there are no surprises after the move.

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