You’ve just decided to move, and already you feel worn down by the task in front of you. You need to pack up and clean your entire home in a few short weeks. Luckily, we’ve provided you with these packing hacks to make your next move easier to handle.

1. Buy disposable foam dishes.

You have to devote every waking moment to packing up your home. The last thing you want to worry about is dirty dishes. This packing hack is multi-purpose – you have disposable dishes to eat on, but you can also place the foam plates and bowls in between stacks of breakable dishes to keep them safe.

To begin your stack, just stick a foam plate in a box. Add a breakable plate on top and follow with another foam plate. Continue the process until you have stacked all of your dishes. End with a foam plate on top of your stack.

2. Designate an “essentials” box.

You know that you can’t get all of your unpacking done immediately after you move into your new home. Rather than stress about where your dishes and toiletries are, buy a clear plastic tub and label it as you essentials box. Pack the following items into the tub to use immediately in your new home:

  • Disinfecting wipes
  • Disposable plates, cups, and silverware
  • Hand soap and dish soap
  • Paper towels
  • Toilet paper
  • Trash bags

 3. Fill in nail holes with soap.

You don’t want to leave gaping holes in your walls when you move. If you don’t have time to go buy spackle or caulking to fill in the pesky nail holes in your walls, grab a bar of soap from your bathroom. Purchase white Dove or another brand of white colored soap. Rub the bar into nail holes to fill them in.

This option only works if you have white walls. You may need to paint over the filled-in holes if you have differently colored walls in your home.

4. Look at trash bags in a new light.Declutter-main-picture

An easy way to pack up your closet is to utilize trash bags. Rather than remove clothing from individual hangers, you can quickly wrap your clothing in trash bags.

Leave each piece of clothing on its hanger in your closet. Separate clothing into groups of five to eight pieces. Open a trash bag and slip it around each group. Tie the top of the bag around your hangers and then remove the bag from your closet.

Once you arrive at your new home, simply place the bundles in your closet and remove the trash bags for easy unpacking.

5. Pack a “vacation” bag.

Find a suitcase, duffle bag, or other storage item and pack your bag as if you were about to go on a two-week vacation. This hack allows you and your family to have what you need while you unpack the rest of your house.

6. Plastic wrap your toiletries.

No one likes spilled shampoo all over their clothes. Gather all of your spillable or leakable toiletries together. Pick up one item, remove the lid, and place a large piece of plastic wrap on top.

Replace the lid, wrap the plastic wrap around the top, and tie it off. Repeat the process with your remaining toiletries. If you don’t want to use the plastic wrap method, place each individual item in a large Ziploc bag.

7. Reuse your laundry basket.

Use your empty laundry baskets to store items during your move. You can place clean clothing, towels, and linens in each basket for easy transport during the move. You can use this same packing hack with other decorative baskets, trunks, or large containers in your home.

8. Tape your mirrors.

Use masking tape and create a giant X across the mirror’s surface. The tape will absorb any shock your mirror sustains during the move to prevent breaks.

9. Use a discreet labeling system.

If you don’t like to label the outside of your boxes with the contents inside, try a more discreet labeling method. When you pack up each room, keep a pen and notebook nearby.

Write a number on each box as well as in your notebook. Then list the contents of each box under the number you wrote in your notebook. Your list should look similar to the following setup:

Box 1: Plates and silverware

Box 2: Bowls and cups

Box 3: Dish towels and sponges

Continue this process until you have packed up everything. Keep this list in an easily accessible place.

10. Visit your local craft store.

You might not want to leave your home because you have so much to do. However, if you stop by a craft store, you can find bead boxes to use as you disassemble furniture. Bead boxes contain little compartments that are perfect for nails, screws, and other small items you need to organize and move. Use small Ziploc bags (snack size or smaller) as an additional organizational method.

We understand that you feel stressed as you prepare to move. Don’t feel overwhelmed during your next move. Use these packing hacks to save space and money-not to mention your sanity. You’ll be packed and ready to move before you know it.

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