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A residential move is a complex matter that requires advanced planning. Important valuables can be overlooked during the chaos of packing up the entire household. Individuals and families on the move must be aware of some commonly forgotten items, so they don’t leave them behind.

Prioritize the belongings that must be packed. An easy way to do this is to use the Notes app on a smartphone or an Excel spreadsheet. Many people resort to old-fashioned tactics, like jotting down the items not to be forgotten in a standard notebook with a pencil or pen.

What goods shouldn’t be forgotten?

What possessions should be noted? Several make it on this list, from hidden cash to seasonal keepsakes and the mirrors behind the doors. A move checklist helps to keep order amid the chaos of relocating to a brand-new home. Here are 13 items most commonly forgotten during a move:

1. Hidden Cash

While residing in their home, homeowners may have hidden an emergency wad of cash in the floorboards, in the ceiling tiles, or in a jar. When packing up, remember to retrieve the money so that the next resident doesn’t end up with a big financial donation.

2. Library Books

Packing up the home library is a labor-intensive task. But perhaps not all the books are personally owned. When some of the books belong to the local library, do not pack them. Rather, return them to the library before they are due and avoid a late fine.

3. Keys

A range of items are unlocked with keys. These include a home safe, cabinets, and the car. Homeowners have their own keys plus the keys to their new property. Keep track of all the keys in advance rather than look for them on moving day.

4. House Plants

The beautiful begonias and thriving spider plants are not assured of being regularly watered once the owners move. Instead of letting them wither away, add them to the move checklist. When moving cherished outdoor plants, plan how to unearth and transport them early on.

5. Valuables

Coins, jewelry, and other valuables may be stored in a safe deposit box. Before moving day arrives, collect these items. Pack them with the important documents. It’s advised to transport expensive items in a personal bag rather than risk losing them on the moving truck.

Pack all items before moving

6. Important Documents

Additional items to keep in a personal bag are important documents. These include birth certificates, social security cards, passports, and other paperwork that is not stored on the cloud. Consider creating a file folder that can be easily checked to ensure these documents are not forgotten.

7. Mirrors

The mirror hung behind the door in the bedroom can be easily missed during the chaotic rush of packing a household. Take inventory of all household goods well before the move and jot them in the moving checklist to make sure they take the trip to the new home, too.

8. Dry Cleaning

A fancy suit or an elegant evening dress may be sitting at the dry cleaner’s on moving day. Especially when moving long-distance, it’s a pain to travel all the way back to retrieve these favorite garments. Avoid the hassle by picking up the dry cleaning before the move.

9. Cords and Chargers

Today, technology is more pervasive than ever, making it essential not to leave the chargers and cords behind. Charge the electronics the day before the scheduled move. Then pack the cords and chargers in a personal bag, where they can be spotted easily.

10. Gardening Tools

Check the backyard and other outside areas of the home for gardening tools. Garden hoses, handy shovels, and rakes should be packed up. Another easily forgotten outdoor item is the lawn mower, a hefty investment that shouldn’t be left behind accidentally.

11. Seasonal Items

Seasonal items and other keepsakes are stored in the attic, stairwell nook, basement corner, or other less-frequented parts of the home. Since seasonal goods are out of sight during most of the year, they can be easy to forget. Put them on the list of items to pack up.

12. Medical Supplies

The medicine cabinets hold prescription medications, bandages, and other vital medical supplies. These cabinets can be easily overlooked during the rush of a move. Perform an inventory of all prescriptions for each family member. Get extra refills, if possible, and pick them up before the move.

13. Pets

While a large German Shepherd is unlikely to be left behind on moving day, the caged hamsters and snakes might. Develop a plan to care for small pets as the household is packed up. When unable to take pets, send them to a local animal shelter for care.

Moving day is a mix of excitement and dread. Eliminate the discomfort by creating a packing list of all items, so they are not forgotten. Likewise, work with Mid-West Moving & Storage to reduce any stress and increase your confidence that a seamless move is underway.

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