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Jewelry can hold sentimental value or incredible financial worth, making it necessary to pack it carefully before moving. Tiny rings and bracelets may get easily lost among huge moving boxes. Jewelry owners can pack their prizeworthy pieces safely by following these tips.

Homeowners may be in possession of jewelry, whether costume jewelry, sterling silver pieces, platinum, or 24 carat gold. Costume jewelry may be studded with rhinestones or simulated gems instead of real gemstones. Still, these pieces may hold value to the owner.

Earrings fashioned out of sterling silver with gold plating as well as rings with genuine diamonds nestled into the clasps hold significant monetary value. Whether the pieces are expensive fine jewelry or cheaper costume jewelry, the owners want to pack them in the right way.

How is jewelry packed safely?

Organize tiny pairs of earrings and individual rings before the move. Keep necklaces tangle-free so they can be worn soon after arriving at the destination, if desired. Safeguard pricey fine jewelry to protect these financial assets. Heirloom pieces should also be packed appropriately for peace of mind.

Step 1: Clean the Jewelry

Prior to packing the jewelry, make sure the valuables are clean. If the pieces are dirty, take time to clean them with a non-toxic gem and jewelry cleaner. A chemical-free product works well on fine gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds. Cleaning prevents dirtying the jewelry further during the move.

Step 2: Document the Pieces

As with all valuables, take photos or list each piece of jewelry on a phone or app before packing. Keep the itemized list in a safe place that can be accessed later. Documenting the jewelry helps the owners know what they’re missing in case moving boxes are lost or stolen.

Step 3: Hand-Carry Pricey Jewelry

Plan to carry expensive fine jewelry in a travel jewelry roll kept close at all times during the move. A jewelry roll contains several small pouches to perfectly fit a range of prized possessions. It is the surest way to prevent small valuables from being misplaced, stolen, or damaged.

When opting not to invest in a jewelry travel roll, the valuables can instead be packed into boxes. The key is to mislabel the boxes in which the jewelry is stored. Use mislabels, like “dog food” or “holiday lights,” instead of “jewelry” to prevent thieving hands from stealing the stash.

Jewelry on a rack

Step 4: Detangle Necklaces

Tangle-prevention is necessary when transporting necklaces and bracelets of any length. Ziploc bags are ideal for storing individual necklaces, which can then be placed in larger bags to keep them together. Cloth pouches are an alternative to snack-size plastic bags.

Jewelry owners who are keen on preventing tangles may go a step further and thread each necklace through paper straws. Once the necklaces are threaded, clasp them. Bulky necklaces can be kept tangle-free using the same method but with paper towel rolls. Lastly, wrap them in packing paper.

Step 5: Organize Earrings

Small earring posts should be kept together as pairs. Empty pill boxes are excellent for keeping earrings organized in individual compartments. Tangling is a possibility with dangling earrings but piercing them through foam sheets prevents it. Wrap the foam sheet in multiple sheets of packing paper.

If foam sheets aren’t handy, thin cardboard sheets work equally well. Pierce the earrings through the cardboard and secure them with their fasteners on the other side. Tape down dangling earrings so they aren’t torn out, crushed, or tangled. Wrap the cardboard in towels and tuck into a plastic shoebox.

Step 6: Store Rings

Unlike other forms of jewelry, rings are the easiest to pack. Like earrings, rings can be safely stored in pill boxes during the move. An empty hardshell sunglasses or eyeglasses case can also sufficiently protect them while they are in transport. Pack the case in a plastic shoebox.

Instead of a sunglasses case, jewelry owners might opt to repurpose an empty egg carton. Place one ring into each compartment, then tuck crumpled packing paper on top to fill it. Secure the carton with shipping tape and label it to prevent it from going into the recycling.

Step 7: Pack the Jewelry Box

A practical option for jewelry owners who already possess a jewelry box is to safely pack the prized pieces inside it. The jewelry box or armoire can be used as storage during the move. Wrap the jewelry box in bubble wrap and pack it into a larger moving box.

Safely packing jewelry can be done with readily available household items. Be aware that moving companies may be reluctant to transport jewelry because it is expensive to insure. Check the mover’s policies beforehand. Transporting valuable jewelry by hand, however, is the safest route to take.

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