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Long Distance Movers Available for the Chicago, IL, Area

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Are you worried about moving across the state or out of Chicago?

You need to find a new home and also deal with packing up all your belongings and ensuring they arrive safely after a long journey.

Let the professionals at Mid-West Moving & Storage help with your long distance move. We partner with Stevens Van Lines to offer a variety of helpful and time-saving interstate moving services.

We are your Long Distance Moving Experts

Do you worry that your valuables could be damaged on their cross-country journey? Have you just purchased a new home and worry that the floor or walls could be scraped and scuffed in the move? At Mid-West Moving & Storage, our long distance movers take the utmost care of your belongings and your old and new homes to ensure a damage-free experience.

We use specialized moving equipment to protect your property throughout the process. Thanks to our innovative seven-step packing process, we can typically have you packed and unpacked in under a day.

We Have Years of Moving Experience in Chicago, IL

Whether you’re moving to or from Chicago, we have the 35 years of experience and proficiency to get your move done quickly, affordably, and efficiently.

Don’t worry about the hassle of long distance moving. Just call Mid-West Moving & Storage at 888-722-6683 to get started on the process.