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“Heavy”, “bulky” and “oddly shaped” perfectly describe the typical household furniture. Cozy recliners, impressive dining tables and elegant sofas are a few examples of furniture that demand heavy lifting when it’s time to relocate. Antique chests, family heirlooms and other furniture with sentimental value are even more burdensome to move, given that the slightest scratch can result in emotional turmoil.

Exceptional care is required when moving furniture, whether it is dated, new, or priceless to the homeowner. As an individual moving to a new house, you can take steps to prevent nicks, scratches and fractures from destroying your valuable furniture.

Here are some tips for protecting your furniture during a move:

1. Inventory

A first step in moving furniture is preparation. The groundwork starts with creating an inventory of all the furniture you plan to move. Designate a space in the inventory list for the current condition of each furniture item.

Retain a visual record of the furniture’s conditions by taking ample close-up photos of any scratches, dents or nicks. Once the move is complete, you can recheck the inventory list to ensure all pieces have been delivered damage-free.

2. Assessment

Along with the inventory process, decide which furniture pieces you want to move. Often-utilized dressers, shelving, and the coffee table may have spots in your list of movable goods. Not all desks, bookshelves and tables will make it to the final count, especially if the furniture is too outdated, damaged or worn to serve any use in your new home.

Extremely heavy furniture will cost you more to relocate. Think twice about shifting this type of furniture. Will a grandfather clock be tucked away in storage, never to see the light of day? If so, reconsider how you’ll handle the weighty loads prior to moving day.

Also assess whether certain furniture items will require professional packing. Often, professional packing is deemed necessary when shifting valuable antiques.

3. Cleaning

Abrasive particles and coarse debris can scratch delicate furniture surfaces during the transport. Take extra precautions to protect your furniture by wiping down the exteriors before wrapping them. A simple dusting can be easily done with a soft cloth or duster. A thorough cleaning is unnecessary at this stage.

4. DisassemblingMan-Assembling-Furniture

Bulky furniture may come in pieces. Disassemble the furniture, when possible, to lighten the load and ensure safer handling. Each disassembled part should be wrapped to protect them during the move. An important step to take prior to disassembly is to photograph the furniture, so that you have visual notes to follow for easy reassembly later.

Remove protruding parts, like table legs, attachments or decorative elements, as these can make maneuvering tight corners or narrow hallways of the new home difficult. Glass tabletops, glass doors and any items featuring glass are extremely fragile. Wrap these delicate pieces carefully and pack them separately.

During the disassembly procedure, you are likely to loosen bolts and screws. Store these critical components in a plastic bag and tape the sealed bag to the furniture to which they belong.

If you keep manuals handy, refer to them for disassembly instructions. Online resources are helpful if physical manuals are unavailable.

5. Packing Materials

Optimum packing materials are required to successfully protect furniture during a move. Several excellent options exist, and you can easily mix and match materials. Blue furniture blankets are a solid investment for moving delicate furniture.

Bubble wrap is another accessible, protective material. Sofa and mattress covers are ideal. Furniture drawers and panels can be kept in place with shrink wrap or furniture wrap. Packing paper offers a first-line of protection. Glass surfaces are suitably protected with simple corrugated cardboard. Keep all your wrapped furniture secure with high-quality packing tape.

6. Wrapping Methods

Certain packing materials function well with particular furniture pieces. Wooden furniture can be effectively protected with a few layers of bubble wrap. Insert corrugated cardboard in between wooden pieces to serve as additional defense.

Upholstery, such as sofas, is ideally wrapped in plastic or sheltered with sofa covers to shield them during the move. Using painter’s tape, tape a large “X” in the center of large glass pieces; the tape will not prevent breakage, but haphazard shattering is a less likely possibility. Completely wrap the glass elements and sandwich the tops and bottoms with corrugated cardboard.

7. Proper Placement

Once the furniture has been solidly wrapped, placing them strategically in the moving truck adds an extra element of security. Move the heaviest furniture to the farthest end of the truck to promote stability.

Dressers, tables, and any other square-shaped items should receive extra cushioning with moving blankets. Once the dressers and tables are loaded in, their surfaces can be used as spaces for additional items. Unwrapped mattresses may be kept free of dirt by placing moving blankets along the truck floor. Wrapped upholstery deserves an extra layer of protection with layers of packing blankets surrounding them.

Moving into your new place takes planning to safeguard the furniture. Clearly mark, for the movers, where each furniture piece should go. Furniture damage is greatly reduced when less time is spent scrambling for the correct location.

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