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Shifting to a new house is a huge ordeal. Preparing for the big day requires a bit of skill, like selling off items that offer little to no utility or have zero sentimental value. Why haul useless goods into a new home, only to have them take up space and offer no service? Plus, you’ll save a bundle on moving costs if you discard unnecessary belongings prior to moving day.

Here’s a list of 6 items to sell before moving day and buy again later.

1. Functional AppliancesPacking-Small-Appliances-in-Box

If you have the option of moving a washing machine and dryer, for instance, consider selling these bulky appliances instead. The cash received from the sale of old appliances could be invested in a brand-new washer and dryer set in your future home.

Remember, moving companies charge by weight. Factoring in the immense weight of large appliances, relocating the old washing machine and dryer will cost you a load of money. Not only are appliances difficult to move, but safety issues arise when handling these weighty items.

Selling old appliances is always a possibility, as there will be takers, especially on online sites. Alternately, some stores offer free removal of the appliances when customers upgrade to a newer model. The best bargain is to bundle the removal costs with the price of an appliance in mint condition.

If you’d prefer to avoid the tasks involved in listing items for sale, donating working appliances to Habitat for Humanity’s ReStores program, to the Salvation Army or to other charities is always beneficial for everyone. Oftentimes, local charities will pick up the appliances for free.

An environmentally friendly alternative is to cooperate with local utility companies that offer cash, waivers or refunds to recycle certain appliances, like refrigerators, freezers and heating and cooling units. Check with the utility company to find out their recycling guidelines and what appliances they accept.

2. Outdated Furniture

Similar to old appliances, think twice about moving outdated furniture. Selling a 1980s armoire that has no sentimental value is more cost effective than having it moved to a new location. You can update the household furniture with the cash earned by selling the old-fashioned goods.

Consider, for example, that an average armoire weighs 200 pounds. It costs about 100 dollars (50 cents per pound) to relocate if your mover charges by the weight rather than volume of items moved. You may have several pieces of dated furniture, which can rapidly spike the costs of moving.

Rest easy in a new recliner instead of hauling your old one to the new place. The average recliner weighs 125 pounds, which will cost you $62.50 to move it. Include the 150-pound washing machine and a 275-pound sofa, and watch your moving costs dramatically rise.

3. Exercise Equipment

The rackety 250-pound treadmill in the upstairs bedroom serves as a convenient clothes hanger. Sound familiar? If so, sell off the exercise equipment before moving—especially if the gear remains idle. The cash for the equipment may be put toward purchasing newer ones that you will actually use.

4. Apparel and AccessoriesGarage-Sale-Clothes-on-Table

Maybe you’ve gained a few pounds or simply adopted a new fashion sense, which makes some of the clothing in your closet unwearable. If the jackets, jeans and workwear are in good condition, sell them at a consignment shop and use the funds to purchase new apparel.

Likewise, if the clothing stuffed in the closet is out of style, why waste time packing and moving them? They’ll take up space in the closet of your new home. A sensible solution is to donate the clothes, shoes, coats, jewelry and even bridal wear that no longer have relevance.

5. Excess Linens

You may entertain overnight guests quite a lot, making having extra linens and towels a necessity. But if houseguests are rare in your home, selling the surplus linens before moving is an economical idea. Numerous online sites cater to buying vintage linens, and you can amass cash quickly.

6. Toys

If children grew up in your home, the basement might be packed with old toys. Should these toys have little-to-no sentimental value, get a few dollars from them by holding a garage sale before your move date. Once settled, buy replacement or grown-up toys, like drones or 3D puzzles.

Homeowners will likely stumble upon sentimental items in the home. While it is good practice to avoid keeping every single object that tugs at your heartstrings, do not sell sentimental belongings if it is painful to do so. At the same time, try to limit the number of such possessions.

Moving day will fast approach. Take inventory of all the belongings you intend to move well beforehand. When in doubt, ask yourself if the item was used in the past year. If not, sell it. Also factor in whether the item in question is functional. If yes, is it worth your time and money to pack and relocate it?

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