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When you need to move, you face a lot of challenges. You need to pick a date, pack up your things, get rid of your junk, and pay for the move. With all you have to do to prepare, you might start wondering if you should get professional help.

A moving company saves you effort and time in an otherwise stressful situation, but you should examine the facts before you decide on whether to use one. When you make your decision, you have to consider many factors in addition to the cost. These factors include where you move, why you move, and when you move.

Below, we will discuss the pros and cons of using professional movers and give you some tips to help you make your decision. Remember: your budget has a huge impact on your decision, but you have to consider other factors as well. Hopefully you will find our information helpful as you begin your relocation preparations.

Pros of Working with a Moving Company

1: You Won’t Move on Your Own

When you choose to move without the professionals, you have to figure out the logistics and do the heavy lifting yourself. You have to figure out how to fit everything (including fragile items) in the moving van. You then need to drive the truck to your new home and unload it. Even with the help of friends and family, most people would find this process challenging.

Professional movers relieve you of these problems. You don’t have to worry about lifting heavy items because they’ll do it for you. They also know the way to stack boxes so items don’t shift during a move. You will have less work to worry about, and you’ll feel less stress as a result.

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2: You Will Save Money on Long Distance Moves

Professional movers have upfront expenses you avoid when you move yourself. However, if you have to move long distance, you’ll actually save money with a moving company. And the farther you move, the more you’ll save.

You pay a flat rate on the distance with a mover. However, when you move by yourself, you pay for the tuck, the gas, and the food. The longer you stay on the road, the more money you will spend. Eventually, the costs will exceed the flat rate a company charges you.

3: You Will Save Time

Movers speed up the time it takes to pack and move. When you move yourself, it can take several days to pack and one or two to get everything loaded in your rental truck.

Professional movers can pack and load everything in a single day or maybe two if you have a lot of stuff. They pack and load trucks for a living, so they can work more efficiently, and they don’t have to deal with distractions like work or familial obligations. While they pack, you can focus on other tasks, like making sure you’ve changed your mailing address or transferred your health records. You can get everything done more quickly with professional help.

Cons of Working with a Moving Company

1: You’ll Spend More Money

When you use professionals, you will pay more for their work. Movers charge for the distance of the move, the labor it takes to complete the move, and the total weight of everything you move. While these charges usually come with a flat rate, moving with a professional often costs a lot more than attempting the trip on your own.

These costs increase if you ask for the company to pack these things for you. You must make sure these added costs make sense for you and your situation. If you have a lot of property to move and limited manpower, you should probably hire a moving company if your budget allows. You should also consider if saving money outweighs avoiding long hours of packing, lifting, and driving. Choose the option most convenient for you.

Box of Items on Desk

2: You’ll Have Less Control

When you move on your own, you have complete control of what happens to your belongings. You pack them as you want, and you load them the way you want. You assume the consequences if anything happens to your property.

When you hire movers, you invite strangers into your home to handle your possessions. You don’t always made all the decisions, and you will have to work with the professionals’ opinions. You can find companies that give you more of a say, but you still need still have to trust someone else with your property. Luckily, professional movers have a lot of experience, so they can almost always relocate your belongings safely.

Like most things in life, there are pros and cons to getting a moving company. Does having experienced, convenient, and timely help justify the cost? If you save time with a professional, does that overcome the loss of control over the move? Make a final decision once you have properly researched your options and have the information you need to make the right choice.

Work with a Professional Moving Company

There are numerous factors to consider when you are planning to move. If you decide to go with a professional moving company, consider choosing a licensed, full-service Chicago moving company, such as Mid-West Moving & Storage in the Chicago, IL area. We provide residential and commercial moving services and can help families and businesses to and from the Chicago, IL area; we also provide storage services for individuals to help with the moving transition period.

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"I had a great experience with Midwest. The movers arrived early, set up my entire home with protective pads and flooring, effectively moved all of my home items, and cleaned up afterward. I have actually used them twice. I had different employees each time, but both crews of men were equally prompt, professional, and efficient. I would highly recommend Midwest."
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"The movers did an incredible job! Our second experience with your company is just as wonderful as our first. Your driver is an incredible leader. The rest of the crew was impressive as well. They all worked tirelessly through out the whole time. This move was stressful with the all the school closings and work changes but they made the whole experience much better."
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