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It takes significant planning and preparation to be ready for moving day. Boxes are packed and sealed. Non-essentials are donated or discarded. What’s left are all the belongings to be relocated to a new home. Despite adequate organization, problems surreptitiously tend to arise on moving day.

Stay one step ahead of potential issues on moving day by avoiding common problems:

1. Hiring Rogue Movers

The chief problem is failing to hire a licensed mover. Outright scams include rogue movers who steal, break possessions or hold items hostage until additional funds are paid. Inexperienced movers may have good intentions, but as a customer, you pay a hefty price for their incompetence.

The emotional toll illegitimate moving companies cause is compounded by the normal stresses of moving day. Plus, staying on schedule is a near impossibility. Delays on moving day can cause a domino effect of problems, like being on time to catch a flight.

When researching movers, consider only licensed, experienced and insured companies. Look for complaints on the Better Business Bureau. Analyze online reviews from multiple sites. Know that reliable companies charge by weight not cubic feet. Always buy insurance to protect your belongings.

2. Choosing the Wrong Moving Day

Fridays are the most inopportune day for moving. Traffic is at its worst at the start of the weekend, making delays a likelihood. Plus, increased traffic can cause accidents on the roads. If the moving van is involved in an accident, your move will be postponed.

Moving on a scorching summer day can tax the well-being of even the most robust moving professionals. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke can impact anyone who is performing physical work outdoors. High summertime temperatures can cause the moving truck to overheat and break down.

Fierce thunderstorms also adversely affect the move. Lightning is known to be unsafe when metal appliances are being transported; one strike of lightning near a metal object (including vehicles, railings, washing machines and dryers) can conduct enough electricity to electrocute.

If possible, monitor weather forecasts and select a moving day when climatic conditions are more favorable. When torrential rain falls on moving day, keep possessions dry by ensuring they are well-packed. Keep plenty of bottled water on hand if moving on a sweltering summer day.

3. Facilitating Furniture DamageMan-Carrying-Sofa-When-Moving-into-New-House

When the oversized sofa or tall armoire are too large to fit through the tiny doorway, problems will inevitably arise. Heavy chairs, dining room tables, and bedroom dressers also can be occasionally dropped even by professional movers and result in damage.

Prevent scratches and dings to furniture via a few tactics: Disassemble furniture as much as possible and fully wrap the pieces with protective covers. Remove the legs from furniture to reduce its size; also, unhinge the door. These latter two solutions are well-handled by professional movers.

Floor scratches are likely when movers slide heavy furniture from one point to the next. Avoid unsightly scratches by requesting the movers utilize blankets or towels. Furniture sliders and gliders are specifically designed to prevent the mess of nicked floors during a move.

4. Moving Non-Allowable Goods

Professional moving companies have certain restrictions on the types of possessions they can and cannot move. Without knowledge of items that moving companies are limited to, you may be stuck with a lot of boxes with nowhere to go on moving day.

Be familiar with what moving companies do not transport. Moving trucks do not transport plants, since pests can hitch a ride and infest other locales. Flammables and hazardous materials, like fire extinguishers, will not be transported. Ammunition and explosives are also restricted.

Pets should be relocated with their owners, not in a moving truck (which is not allowed). While jewelry can be shifted by movers, valuables should be kept with the owners to avoid the risk of loss during transport. Perishable foods will spoil, and no moving truck will move these.

5. Inadequately Preparing the New HomeSummer Heat Girl Hot

In the flurry of packing boxes and confirming moving schedules, people may overlook setting up the utilities in their new home. Stepping foot inside a new home that is without electricity, water, air conditioning or heat can be an uncomfortable way to start life anew.

Calling the utility company prior to the relocation can be easily forgotten. Avoid the hassle by scheduling the turn on date for utilities several weeks in advance—when the frenzy of moving is least likely to be overwhelming. Also remember to shut off utilities in the home you are leaving.

6. Failing to Protect Belongings

Improperly packed televisions, artwork, and mirrors can result in damage, especially if the move is long distance. Prevent fragile goods from breakage by double or triple wrapping them in bubble wrap or foam. Telescope boxes sufficiently protect goods susceptible to breakage.

Proper packing methods include placing heavy items in small boxes. Placing multiple heavy items in one box only leads to the box rupturing during handling. Prevent such disasters by using several small boxes. Cords and electrical wires should be packed separately into waterproof bins or plastic bags.

Despite the variety of the situations that can go wrong on moving day, the stresses of moving can be reduced with the services of a professional moving company experienced in all facets of residential relocation. Mid-West Moving & Storage is staffed with licensed, bonded and background-checked moving crews to give customers extra peace of mind.

Work with a Professional MoverMid-West-Moving-&-Storage-Professional-Movers

Mid-West Moving & Storage has moved countless satisfied customers to and from apartments, dorms, houses, retirement homes and condos. Our experienced movers wrap all furniture with care to prevent damage. We also protect floors and walls using various methods, like floor runners and door jambs.

Whether you are moving into or out of Chicago, consult the Windy City’s more trusted professional residential mover, Mid-West Moving & Storage. Our comprehensive moving services cover your move from start to finish. We even provide tailored moving services to ensure a seamless transition to your new home. Mid-West Moving & Storage specialists are ready to help you plan your upcoming move.

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Review by Kristin Welsh
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"I had a great experience with Midwest. The movers arrived early, set up my entire home with protective pads and flooring, effectively moved all of my home items, and cleaned up afterward. I have actually used them twice. I had different employees each time, but both crews of men were equally prompt, professional, and efficient. I would highly recommend Midwest."
Review by Selene
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Rating 5 5 Star Moving Rating

"The movers did an incredible job! Our second experience with your company is just as wonderful as our first. Your driver is an incredible leader. The rest of the crew was impressive as well. They all worked tirelessly through out the whole time. This move was stressful with the all the school closings and work changes but they made the whole experience much better."
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